Import guide

How to import customers to your project

If you have your data already stored as CSV file and want to continue on working with them, you can use our Import wizard to import them to Exponea. It is very easy, just follow the steps.

  • Go to Data → Import wizard → Customers
  • Select your data source Copy and paste or Upload a file containing your data.
    • Choosing Copy and paste you need to choose Delimiter which separates different types of your data. If you are not sure, you can just leave Autodetect and Exponea will figure it out for you. If you are satisfied with the preview, click Next.
  • In “Create data mapping” step you can define what kind of data each column consists of (text, value), edit name of column or delete column. Moreover, you can create new column (e.g. to define that these values have been imported). 
    • If any of your dataset contains data which match given special fields (e.g. first_name, last_name, phone, email) you should drag and drop the name from Special fields. Thanks to this, you will be able to use your data in scenarios. 
    • When defining customer_id (drag&drop), you are able choose what customer ID is the one to connect your current data with – registered or cookie
      • If you are importing data from your database, you do not track your  cookie (this is generated only when Exponea is integrated already) and therefore, you will use your own identificator – any identificator you track your customers with. For this purpose, you will use “Customer ID to track – registered”.
      • If you are already using Exponea and are tracking cookies, you can import your data via cookie identificator. 
    • Finish your data import.
  • Selecting Upload data you follow the same steps above.
    • You can either add data to already functioning type of event or create new type of event.


Automated imports

If you want to create automated import, in the last step select “Execute repeatedly” and choose preferred date and time. You can choose either daily, weekly or monthly repeat. If you want to make import that will run multiple times a day, create multiple imports from the same source in different times.

Automated import can be selected only when creating import from these sources: Database, URL, Exponea.