Web Layers guide

How to create Web Layers.


In order to create powerful value-bringing Web Layers, it is important to understand what are the goals you aim to achieve with them. Once you are ready, you just need to follow these steps.


  • Campaigns → Web Layers → Create new
  • In Visual mode you can choose from our predefined templates, change its colour and text. If you would like to change its behaviour (e.g. shape, movement or position of button), this is available in Code mode via HTML, CSS or JavaScript programming.output_FEDTG1
  • In Settings you define when, where, how often and to whom show the Web Layer.
    • Schedule – you can choose to display banner from when you activate the Web Layers or set specific date frame
    • Placement – you can choose what webpages the Web Layer will be shown at: every page, page with specific URL, page containing URL or by creating regexp where you define conditions URL should have
    • Display you can choose to display the Web Layer: Until interaction, Once, Once per visit or Always  
    • Audience you can choose to show Web Layers to everyone, or specify filter with conditions to show it only to specific customersSnímka3
  • Once you activate your Web Layer, you can see statistics how engaged your customers were. For more in depth analysis you can use Analysis.Snímka4