Geo Analyses

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Geo Analyses visualize customers of your business on the real world map. Customers can be filtered by attributes or by funnels. Geo Analyses use coordinates based on IP addresses in from auto tracked session_start events. IP address based location may have different accuracy across countries.

Creating markers

You can easily create more markers with different conditions by clicking on plus icon.

To rename a marker double click the marker panel.
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Color markers on the map represent group of customers matching a condition. A marker represents a city and number of customers who match the filter in the city.

Clicking on a marker shows the city and number of customers.
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In this case there are 139 customers from Bratislava.

Adding Filters

To add filters (attribute filters or funnel filter) click on the Customer Filter.
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To change color of markers use color picker on the right.
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Use cases for Geo Analyses include:

  • visualisation of new customers, payers, lost customers
  • targeting the marketing campaign to right locations
  • identification of new markets for your businesss