Filters will help you select more specific group of customers or events. There are several types of filters:

Filter Description
customer property filter Filter keeps customers what properties match specified values.
Event steps Filter keeps customers who have a set of events in given order.
Event aggregations Filter aggregates events to produce summary and keeps customers whose summary matches condition.
Date filter This filter keeps only events in given date range. Other events are not taken into processing.

Customer Property Filtering

These filters will help you be more specific with customer properties of events, such as path, browser, operating system and more. To add your own customer properties and use them in filters you have to also include them tracking code.

customer property filters can be found in:

  • Trends
  • Event Analysis

To enable customer property filtering simply hit “Set Filters” button. Here you can expand each event by clicking on + icon and selecting properties which you can use as filter. Filter setting in page below will display page visits made only from Chrome web browser.

Property Filtering

To apply your filters hit “Preview”.

Date Filters

Date filters let you adjust the time range of the selected analytic. There are 3 types of date filters:

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Report Date


Filter according to last few days/weeks/months.

Date Filter

To create offset you can expand date fields by hit the + icon.

Expanded Date Filter


Filter according to absolute dates (from – to).

Absolute Date