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Why should I use analytics in my business?

Using analytics for a business development is not absolutely necessary: however when used right it has the potential to give you a considerable advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

With analytics you can create better businesss, get more people to play them and ultimately generate more revenue.

You can measure the impact of your business design decisions,  learn which articles captivates customers the most or by contrast locate the problematic place where your customers stop reading.

Ultimately, great analytics tool is about gaining actionable insights with as little effort as possible.

Investing in the business, not in the technology

If you understand the value of analytics, you are maybe thinking about developing your own implementation yourself. Unfortunately if your studio is not Rovio or Supercell, chances are that you have little analytical background and your time would be much better spent on something you do best – by developing your own business.

Fortunately today you have the option to use analytic services that are easy to deploy, learn and maintain. Not only this saves you time but it provides you with easier access to customer data for all members of the team.

The power of combining analytics with real-time engagement

While analytic services are undoubtedly beneficial for any business, many people think of them only as a read-only files. The data pours into them and every once in a while something useful comes out.

Even if this is true in some cases, today there are services that in addition to the core analytics can connect with customers based on the tracked data. Precisely targeted emails, push notifications, webhooks or dynamic content in the arsenal of your business studio can make the difference between conquering and losing the market share.

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Updated on October 30, 2017

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