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Which custom events should you track?

Where can I find list of basic events that should I track?

You can find list of basic events in your project under Settings -> Web integration.

web integration


Why you should track these events?

This is a list of a “must have” e-commerce events that are sufficient to bring first insights into your business and create powerful campaigns. Certainly, these are not all you should ever track but it’s a good start. In order to get more depth from the analytics and campaigns you can customize the tracking for additional events.
Our next guide about creating data structure will help you to understand advanced tracking. If you need any help our delivery consultants are available on a chat in Exponea app.

What can I do with these events?

Below you can find examples of use-cases you can achieve with these events:

purchase – most important event of e-commerce. You can track overall performance of you business, evaluate campaigns, calculate life-time value of your customer and much more.

purchase_item – used for most popular items in your business, used in recommendations.

cart_update – cart abandonment emails, average cart size.

view_item – most popular item, used in recommendations.

Updated on August 31, 2017

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