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When should I use analytics?

Well.. whenever you are developing a serious business, of course!

You don’t want to be left in the dark without knowing how customers interact with your business, without knowing the reasons why they come back, how they spend money or where they get confused.

We believe that without understanding what works and what doesn’t it is really hard to make a great business.

Analytics that meet your needs

To help you figure out if you need analytics consider how this checklist applies to your business:

  • you don’t know the most valuable acquisition channel
  • your business is losing customers but you don’t know where and why
  • your want to monetize your customers better
  • you are not using targeted communication
  • your business connects to the internet (at least sometime)
  • you have the ability to globally update the business

If you have checked at least three options then you should think about using analytics for your business project.

The right questions

To make sure you choose the right analytics for your business it is necessary to ask the right questions:

  1. Does this analytics platform help me solve my most pressing issues?
  2. How easy it is to set up?
  3. How long does it take to get the first results?

Answering these questions is not easy, especially if you don’t have enough time to get familiar with many different platforms. Finally it all comes down to your first experience with the tool, provided support and available help of consultants and analysts.

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Updated on October 30, 2017

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