Vouchers in Exponea can assign unique codes to customers when referrenced in a campaign. Vouchers can be added and viewed in Data&Assets->Vouchers->Add Vouchers

Importing vouchers

Vouchers can be imported similarly to other imports in Exponea with an exception that only one column, that is mapped with ID “code”, is imported. More information about imports in general can be found in the import guide. It is advised to use easily identifiable name for the voucher pools.

Using vouchers

Voucher pools

Vouchers are being grouped in pools, that you can define, e.g. codes for 10% discount, absolute value discounts, etc. The codes are unique per project, and if a user tries to import a code that is already in a pool, it will be discarded.

voucher pools

In the voucher pools, you can see the availability of the codes, and also when they have been assigned, and also when they have been redeemed. Exponea gets the information about code redemption from a tracked event, that can be set in project settings.

Referring codes

Vouchers can be used in mailing, web layers or other campaigns. They can be accessed via jinja. In the respective campaign guides you can also find how to access the personalization wizard. There are three functions you can use when referring to a voucher pool:

  • assign available code – This will take an available code from the pool, and once the campaign is sent, it will change the status from available to assigned. The code will be assigned even in test emails, and with each display of web layer.
  • Count available codes – Number of currently remaining available codes from the pool
  • Count total codes – number of total codes in the pool

Number of available and total codes can be used to e.g. report remaining available codes, absolutely or relatively speaking

There is currently no limitation of how many vouchers can a customer be assigned, so if desired, you can display different codes to same customer.

When there are not enough codes when trying to send a campaign, only a part of the emails will be sent. After the scenario runs out of vouchers to assign, rest of the emails will fail to send, generating event campaign with status enqueue_failed for the customers. Similarly, web layers will NOT be displayed at all, if there are no codes to assign. This will not generate any events.


Updated on October 2, 2017

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