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UTM tracking codes

UTM tracking codes

When you are building links you should always think about how you will analyze the success of a campaign. In Exponea you are able to analyze traffic based on the session start event. In this event we capture all relevant UTM tags.

You can use this table as a guide when creating your own UTM tags.

Category Campaign UTM Medium UTM Source UTM Campaign
cpc/ppc Google Adwords ppc adwords campaign_name
Facebook Boost ppc facebook campaign_name
Email Newsletter email newsletter campaign_name
Onboarding campaign email onboarding A/B (default: A)
Event Driven campaign email event event_name
Personal campaign email personal campaign_name
Blog Educative blog educative blog_title
Inspirative blog inspirative blog_title
Feature blog feature blog_title
Social Facebook social facebook.com post_title
LinkedIn social linkedin.com post_title
Web Catalogs catalogs domain_name campaign_name
SEO seo domain_name campaign_name
PR pr domain_name article_title
Updated on August 15, 2017

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