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Using CSV to import e-commerce data

This article shows CSV files to import historical data from an e-commerce website.

Customer import

For importing customers required field is ‘registered’ which is unique customer ID. Other fields will be imported as customer attributes that you can use for further segmentation and custom email targeting.

customer CSV example


* required fields: registered

Events import

For importing historical purchases required fields are ‘registered’ as customer identity and timestamp which will be used as event timestamp. All other fields are imported as event properties.

purchase CSV example


purchase_item CSV example

john@smith.com;1474886373;100001;29;Colorful bracelet;35.30;1;35.30
john@smith.com;1474886373;100001;47;Fancy necklace;9.30;2;18.60

* required fields: registered, timestamp

Updated on August 15, 2017

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