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Users, projects and accounts


Users in Exponea are linked to specific people. Each user can have access to multiple projects, even in different companies, when granted access. Creating a new user is free of charge, and can be done filling in basic information and choosing a password.

The information entered can be changed also in user settings, except for email address.

user settings

For a user to work in Exponea, it is needed to have access to at least one project


Projects in Exponea are used to differentiate between businesses. Each project has its own project token (ID) that is used when setting event tracking on website or in mobile apps. Projects are independent from one another, each one has different customers and events, own independent analyses and campaigns etc. It is possible for a company to have multiple projects for different countries under same account. For more information, please consult us. Each project can has different access roles for users. Only users with access to at least one project can create new projects.

You can change the project currently working on in the top-right menu


For information about project setting, please refer here


Accounts are a group of projects for a single client. They share billing, limits for number of events and other limits. It is possible to set roles in accounts to grant access automatically to all projects under the account. Accounts allow better managing of multiple projects.

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Updated on October 30, 2017

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