Automatic Events Guide


Event tracked for each page load if track visits is enabled.

  • location
  • path
  • referrer
  • os
  • device
  • browser


Event created for each session, inherits all attributes from page_visit.

Landing page parameters

  • utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_content, utm_term
  • gclid

Geo location

  • ip, country, city, longitude, latitude

session_end (unstable)

Event created at the end of each session, inherits all attributes from session_start.

  • created – start of the session
  • last_update
  • duration

first_session (unstable)

Event created for first session_start, copy of session_start.


Event created by actions in Scenarios (actions Email, AB Split).

  • campaign_id, campaign_name
  • action_id, action_type, action_name
  • status
  • url
  • variant
  • ip, recipient, user-agent

Attribute ‘status’ possible values:

  • enqueued – Exponea enqueued email to the email provider
  • delivered – email provider confirmed delivery
  • enqueue_failed – Exponea could not enqueue email
  • failed – communication error between Exponea and email provider
  • opened – email was opened (pixel in email was loaded)
  • clicked – customer clicked a link inside email
  • dropped – email provider did not deliver (usually non-existent email, sets unsubscribed=true)
  • complained – email provider notified Exponea that customer clicked “Spam” button
  • sent – email provider notified Exponea that customer replied to email
  • bounced – email provider notified Exponea that email was bounced
  • soft bounced – email provider notified Exponea that email was soft bounced and will retry later, maybe full inbox (Mandrill)
  • rejected – email provider notified Exponea that email was rejected for delivery, maybe too many bounces, unsubscribed or blacklisted (Mandrill)

campaign events

Event tracked from Web Layers.

  • banner_id, banner_name
  • banner_type
  • action
    • show
    • interaction: click, subscribe, survey
  • interaction – if action is customer interaction
  • subscription_email – value from Subscription type banner, if action is subscribe
  • question, answer – values from Survey type banner, if action is survey

ab test

Event tracked by exponea.getAbTest(); function in JavaScript SDK.

  • name
  • variant


Event tracked from Unsubscribe page (link generated with Jinja {{email.unsubscribe}}).

  • campaign_id, campaign_name
  • action_id, action_name, action_type (always “email”)
  • unsubscribed_from_all – if customer unsubscribed from all communication (sets unsubscribed = true)
  • new_subscribed – modification to customer unsubscribed_from list
  • new_unsubscribed – modification to customer unsubscribed_from list


Event tracked from Surveys.

  • name
  • variant


System event when customer accounts merge under one.

  • source_internal_ids
  • final_external_ids
  • original_external_ids
  • destination_internal_id
Updated on August 31, 2017

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