Survey campaigns enable the creation of surveys with specific URLs that can be sent to customers with unique links. Such links will then create events in Exponea linked  to the respective customers for each question with the respective answer.

Functionality description

Creating a survey

Surveys are created in the side menu in the campaigns section. There are three parts when creating a survey


In this part, individual questions with their answer options are defined

Surveys new


There are five question types

  • Single choice – only one answer can be chosen, presenting the customer with radio buttons for each choice
  • Multiple choices – several answers can be chosen, presenting the customer with check boxes for each choice
  • Rating stars – rating can be chosen out of 3, 5 or 10 stars, allowing the customer to assign a numeric score to your question
  • Textfield – enables the customer to write any text to provide answer
  • Matrix – a matrix of different questions that share same answers, and user is provided with radio buttons to choose from answers. Questions are in rows, answers in columns.

You can also add a section label to differentiate between different groups of questions.

You can add questions using the drag and drop from the choices on the right, and add choices to questions using the respective buttons.

Without any custom style, the survey would look like in the image below. It can be checked in the Test tab

Survey new 2



In this part, you can define the submit button text, as well as announcements about successful submit of the survey, or that the survey has already been submitted.

Surveys translation

Surveys Already submitted


This part allows you to define custom CSS for the survey. This will change the visual of the whole survey page. Selectors can be decided from the TEST tab and viewing the frame source. This does not work in draft.

Surveys Style


surveys html

Using surveys

Survey links are customer specific, and can be accessed via personalization in e.g. email campaigns. Each customer can fill in the survey only once.

surveys link

The survey is located on Exponea with URL further specified by project and other factors.


When the survey is submitted, the customers are added the events to their profile.

Survey events


Results can also be shown in the Evaluate tab, where different chart for different question types will be displayed.



Updated on August 31, 2017

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