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Q: What time zone does scenario run on?

A: When you are using On date trigger, the time that you see there is in your personal timezone and it’s triggered at that time. You can set your personal timezone in top right Settings > User profile > Timezone

Q: What happens to events sent from iOS SDK when device is offline?

A: iOS SDK has implemented cache for all events when the device is offline where they are stored until the device comes online. The limit amount of events depends on event size and DB, but the memory is in MB, making it almost infinite. iOS SDK tries 50 times to send the events each time exponentially increasing the delay.

Q: Why is there more session_start than first_session?

A: There is an expiration set for session_start (default 3 months), therefore some events are then deleted, resulting in possibility where first_session count is higher. Moreover, when there is merging of customer cookies, it is possible for one customer to have more first_session events.

Q: Why some customers don’t have first_session event?

A: first_session event is generated only if the customer does not have any previous event when the session_start is tracked. This can happen when there are data imports with various events for existing customers.

Q: How does customer attribute unsubscribed work?

A: Exponea does not set value for unsubscribed when customer is created. Unsubscribed has no value by default. When you send email which can’t be delivered because of permanent failure, unsubscribed is automatically set to ‘true’.

Updated on August 15, 2017

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