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How to send survey

Sending surveys via Exponea

The main purpose of this guide is to explain how to send a survey to selected customers. We picked use case, where we have missing information in the customer database – not everybody disclosed their gender. So, we want to create a survey that tracks this, and send it to the customers without a given gender.

First, we need to create a survey in ‘Campaigns’ > ‘Surveys’ menu. After clicking Create new, the app shows a standard template for the survey. After naming the survey, you can add various types of questions as shown on the right.2017-01-31 11.20.59 Surveys _ Exponea - Google Chrome


Our survey will be very simple – just one single choice question. In this interface you also have a ‘Translation’ and a ‘Style’ tab available – you can localise the tags in Translation and use CSS to alter the look of the survey on the last tab.

Now you need to share the survey – you can use web layers or email campaign to get the survey to the correct customers. This is how the scenario for an email campaign looks like:

Gender survey campaign _ Exponea - Google Chrome 2017-01-31 11.08.07

There is a simple condition that depends on your data structure – whether you use the values male / female or something else. There is also a possibility that there is some other (invalid) value in gender for example “-” or “0”, so we set the condition in the following way:

Gender survey campaign _ Exponea - Google Chrome 2017-01-31 11.10.12

You can also add different conditions, for example to exclude people that unsubscribed from newsletters or target some location. After the condition is set, you have to add the survey to an email. To do this, first start editing the email template, then you should add the personalisation link with your survey. The link can be found on the bottom of the email campaign window, in the personalisation tab. After you find your survey in a drop-down menu, a copy & paste link will be shown, you can copy this into the email template you prepared. This makes sure that the survey is included in an email.

Gender survey campaign _ Exponea - Google Chrome 2017-01-31 11.11.27

If you have the right conditions and email template prepared, you can execute the campaign. Results will be shown in the Survey dashboard. You can access it in Surveys, after choosing the correct survey, in top right corner you can find the ‘Results’ button. There is also a function that copies the survey dashboard to your dashboards, where you can further edit how the results are visually shown.

Updated on August 15, 2017

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