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Getting started

What is Exponea?

Exponea is a cloud customer analytics platform for business decision makers, marketers and analysts. It is best used for getting insights on how to make various parts of your business better including acquisition, monetisation or retention and to take actions based on these findings.

How does Exponea work?

Exponea works by collecting and analyzing actions that customers make in your business. After integrating your page or application you get access to all analytic features (reports, segmentations, funnels, …) and scenarios (emails, push notifications, web hooks, …).
These features help you answer questions about customer behavior and solve your issues in the engagement and the monetisation of your business.

Have a look at our cookbook

What events should I track?

With Exponea you choose which events you want to track. You can follow our in-app tutorial in Tracking customer actions or you can have a look at our complex guide to event tracking in the Cookbook.

Where can I find tracked events?

Every tracked event is added to some customer. You can list all customers by clicking on Customers section. If you have tracked at least one event, you should see a customer in the customer list. After you click on him, you should see a list of all events tracked to this customer on the right side of your screen.

How to delete tracked data?

If you tracked incorrect data or you are just trying out tracking, you can always delete customers, customer attributes or customer events in the section Overview > Data management > Delete data. Deleting events, attributes or customers will not delete your saved dashboards and analyses.

What timezone Exponea works with?

Exponea converts all times into the timezone you have specified in the user settings.


How is offline data tracked?

When using Android, iOS or Unity SDKs offline data is tracked into internal database and sent the next time customer goes online. This tracking is handled automatically and you don’t need to persist the data yourself.

Does Exponea impact technical performance?

No, Exponea does not impact technical performance of your business at all. All our SDKs are heavily optimized for the best performance and for the lowest possible network usage possible.

Project Management

How to invite colleagues into my project?

You can invite colleagues to your project in the section Project > Users by clicking on the Invite user button.

App questions

Why does my Web layer not display?

There are multiple possible options:

  • Exponea not integrated correctly – please make sure you have Exponea code present on the web page
  • settings – the web layer should only be displayed to some customers, or on some web pages, or limited amount of times. Please make sure you match all the conditions when testing
  • a condition in JS – there can be something in JS that prevents the web layer from being shown. For example, standard subscription template is NOT shown to customers already having an email attribute, please test in incognito

How can I get HTML from visual email template

As visual templates are provided by a 3rd party tool, you can’t export the HTML directly. However it is possible to go to preview (our of edit mode), and view frame source (right click in browser). This will display the HTML that can then be copied.

What timezone Exponea operates in?

Date and time in Exponea depends on the timezone of the user. That can be set in User settings.

Haven’t found your answer?

Our friendly support team would be happy to help.
Contact live support or feel free to email us at support@exponea.com

Updated on January 16, 2018

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