Email campaigns


Email campaigns are a simple way to send direct emails without the need of creating a scenario with triggers.


Email campaigns are used to send emails to customers immediately, on scheduled time, or on event triggers. Primary use of email campaigns are newsletters or welcome emails.

Creating an email campaign

Email campaigns are created in the campaign part of the side menu. First step is to select a an email template to be sent to customers.



Email campaigns creation

The selected template can be then adjusted for the purpose of the specific campaign using the same tools as in email template creator. For more info about the features there, please refer to the email templates guide.


In Settings, you choose the audience for the campaign and sending conditions.


  • Sender specifies the name and email address that will be shown in the email. Also, ESP integration is chosen here. Additional ESP integration can be added in integrations tab, and the default one set in project settings.
  • Schedule allows you to specify date and time when the email will be sent, or select an event that will trigger sending of the email to the customer.
  • Policy defines a period of time before a user can receive another message of the same type.
  • Group defines a category from which user can unsubscribe separately.
  • Audience allows to set a customer filter for the email campaign.
  • Transfer identity to URL links – if enabled, upon clicking on a link in the email, the customer will be identified, assigning them a new cookie.


Summary serves a last check before sending the email, enabling also preview for a specific customer to see if everything works as intended. The previewed customer can be changed using the arrow buttons or typing the specific customer into the input field.

Email campaigns summary

Send test email

It is possible to send an email to a specific email address to examine the appearance of the email from a customer’s point of view. Please note that as the email is specified, it is not sent with data for any customer, and personalization will not return any data. To see if the personalization works correctly, it is advised to send an email to yourself as an only customer in the audience, as this will also output the data for the specific customer.

Possible status values of campaign event

Attribute ‘status’ possible values:

  • enqueued – Exponea enqueued email to the email provider
  • delivered – email provider confirmed delivery
  • enqueue_failed – Exponea could not enqueue email
  • failed – communication error between Exponea and email provider
  • opened – email was opened (pixel in email was loaded)
  • clicked – customer clicked a link inside email
  • dropped – email provider did not deliver (usually non-existent email, sets unsubscribed=true)
  • complained – email provider notified Exponea that customer clicked “Spam” button
  • bounced – email provider notified Exponea that email was bounced
  • soft bounced – email provider notified Exponea that email was soft bounced and will retry later, maybe full inbox (Mandrill)
  • rejected – email provider notified Exponea that email was rejected for delivery, maybe too many bounces, unsubscribed or blacklisted (Mandrill)

campaign events

Updated on November 8, 2017

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