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Data Management

In data management you can create tracking rules, organize your events and attributes of your customers, delete data and set up expiration of data.


Here you can configure automatic tracking of events on your website. Simply select event (Visits, Clicks, Submit) and action.

Note that you need to have our JavaScript initialization code on your site. See documentation.


Here you can create customer properties group, define or delete property/event names and their data types. You can view customer properties and events in customer list.


Here you can delete your data

Please not that once you delete your data it is gone forever. We recommend doing backup before deleting. On how to do backup see customer list backup.


Simply set after how much time your events will expire (be removed).

Import Wizard

Import customers from CSV file or database. Map properties to your customers and import.

Note that customer_id property is mandatory.

Updated on August 15, 2017

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