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Aggregates, Running aggregates, expressions, metrics – differences and uses


There are multiple data & assets features that fulfill similar, yet different roles. This guide helps explain them and provide some common uses.


  • Aggregates – Serves as a customer attribute, is calculated for each customer individually, and counts information from one event type in selected constraints. Works with complete customer history
  • Running aggregates – Serves as an event attribute, is calculated for each event individually, considering only the events of one type for the specific customer that had the event, and only works with customer history preceding the individual event
  • Expression – Serves as a customer OR event attribute and allows mathematical functions between different properties (including aggregates and running aggregates) depending on for which they are specified.
  • Metrics – Considers all events or attributes from all customers, computing them for a total overview.

Use examples


How many purchases does a customer have in total?

aggregates total purchases

How many times customer visited our page in last 30 days?

aggregates count session start

What is a customer’s total lifetime value?

aggregates CLV

What is the average customer purchase when using loyalty points for purchase?

aggregates average purchase

What was the referrer of a customer’s first visit to the webpage?

aggregates first referrer

How many emails has customer received from us in last 14 days?

aggregates count email

What was the last product the customer has viewed?

aggregates last item viewed

Running aggregates

What was the referrer for the last session_start of this event (e.g. purchase)?

running aggregates last referrer

When was the last time customer had seen a specific weblayer?

running aggregates last banner timestamp

When was the last time customer had received an email from an email campaign?

running aggregates last delivered


What was the time between the purchase and email sent to a customer?

expressions time since delivered

What was the open rate for this customer in the last 90 days?

Open rate (last 90 days)


What is our total revenue?

Metrics revenue

How many people visited our web page in the last 30 days?

Metrics visitors 30 days

What is our conversion rate in the last 30 days?

Metrics conversion rate

What is our bounce rate today?

bounce rate 1 bounce rate 2





Updated on August 21, 2017

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