A/B tests

Exponea offers A/B testing in both scenarios and web layers. A customer is assigned a variant instantly when reaching an AB split node in scenario or when a customer matches the conditions for web layer display. Here are a few notes about A/B tests

  • When going through the same A/B split in scenario, a customer is assigned same variant as before.
  • In web layers, each customer is assigned the variant in event “ab test” and will have the same variant in subsequent visits.
  • It is possible for a customer to have more variants in a web layer, if the two different cookies merged (same customer on multiple browsers/devices).
  • for correct A/B test evaluation, all groups should be identical in conditions except for the variant.
  • Web layers offer automatic A/B testing, which allows a prefererence of the best performing variant, based on the chosen goal.

You can calculate the performance and statistical significance of your AB test with our AB Test Significance Calculator.

Updated on August 23, 2018

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